At Nintendo’s presentation in E3 2017, The Pokémon Company announced that they are working on a new Pokémon title for the Nintendo Switch. There wasn’t much else said; Tsunekazu Ishihara simply exclaimed they are in development for a Pokémon title for the Switch during Nintendo’s spotlight video. There were no details given about the game, all we know is that it is now in development. Since we know almost nothing about this game, let’s speculate what kind of version of Pokémon this will be.

There are a great deal of gamers that were very upset by the announcement of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Many gamers assumed that since the Switch was essentially acting as the next generation of handheld gaming, Nintendo will have the next iteration in the series be released on the Switch. Rumor was going around that the fabled third version of Sun and Moon would be called Pokémon Stars, and it will be released exclusively on the Switch. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon seemingly smashed those dreams, but now it appears as if the dream lives on through this upcoming fSwitch announcement. Will the next game after Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon be the highly desirable Stars?

Personally I doubt it, since I don’t think we will actually be able to play this Switch game for another few years. At this point Sun and Moon will be old news, and it will feel very pointless to have three versions of the same games, especially when most would have played the previous versions at that point. Still, enough variety can justify its existence, which makes it a plausible possibility.

I love the fourth generation of Pokémon games; Pearl is my most played game in the series. It is weird how divisive the game can be, though honestly I don’t really understand. “The region sucks!” “The Battles were too slow!” While I won’t say these criticisms are invalid, yet since I am the writer of this article I am going to assume everyone reading this is just as excited as me for a remake of Diamond and Pearl. Seriously, imagine watching the scene on top of Mt. Coronet in home-console graphics. Battling Dialga, Palkia or Giratina in wonderful HD graphics will be amazing. No matter whatever grievances you may have with the story, the fourth generation is really when the series started getting more cinematic.

The game also has some of the best (and admittedly some of the worst) Pokémon designs since the original generation, with Lucario and Torterra being some of my favorite creatures to emerge from the franchise ever (the latter is probably my favorite). What is not to be excited for a possible Diamond and Pearl remake? It even has everyone’s Bae, League Champion Cynthia.

Why not bring Pokémon to home-consoles with a new, unique generation of the series? No matter how excellent Sun and Moon are (and they are truly exceptional games in the series), people will want a new generation of the series eventually. It appears as if development has only just started with this new game, and it probably will take a few years for it to be completed. By that point, the Sun and Moon games will be old news and fans will be craving to see some new Pokémon. Nintendo may as well have the foresight to see the benefits of a having the first Pokémon game on the Switch be an entirely new generation.

A true new entry in high definition graphics will generate a lot of hype, and honestly would be the smarter move for Nintendo and the Pokémon Company to do. Having a pre-existing game in the series be the first Switch game will not be as exciting as an entirely new game, despite how evidently awesome Diamond and Pearl are.

This is entirely my idea and it isn’t based on anything. However, to welcome a mainline Pokémon game to home consoles, why not take advantage of the more powerful system? Almost every Pokémon game has been restricted to one region, with exceptions being Gold, Silver and Crystal. That is primarily due to the limitations of all handheld devices; though both the games and technology have advanced greatly since the mid-90s, each generation seem to still be restricted to one region. The Pokémon Company are able to do a good job in packing in so much content in each game, despite the limitations. Nevertheless, what if they had fewer limitations? Is it possible for them to be able to add more than one region if they were on a stronger hardware?

Now here’s my pitch; why not adapt all the previous generations of Pokémon onto the Switch, into one game. Imagine starting from Pallet Town in the Kanto region, then going to Johto, then going to Hoen, then going to Shinnoh, then going to whatever the fifth generation region was called*, then going to Kalos, and ending in the Alola region. Raise the level max, allow your Pokémon to learn more moves, and have it all be in beautiful HD graphics. Witness every major event in the series, and face against every gym across the globe as one trainer. It is definitely an ambitious idea; nonetheless the original Pokémon Red and Blue were also very ambitious for their time. To fit all that data in a small Gameboy cartridge was no less than a miracle when Red and Blue were made. With the same ambition, the Pokémon Company can literally make an All-Star Pokémon Generation game on the Switch. It will even have Cynthia, EVERYONE’S BAE.
Or maybe it’s just Pokémon Snap 2.


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